How Field Force Tracking System helps in Pharma Industry?

How Field Force Tracking System helps in Pharma Industry?
July 2021

Get a powerful single-window platform for Pharma field sales team management & tracking

Pharma industry is one of the biggest industries that hold a great importance in our everyday lives. It has undergone a major change in the recent times, where orders are often given after representative visit and meeting of pharmacy store and/or doctor, rather than being call/mail to Pharma company. However, management often remains clueless regarding the location of medical representatives and sales team and order status.

Office LIV is a turnkey solution aimed at supporting track and management of medical representatives. It offers a comprehensive knowledge-rich environment to enable pharmaceutical companies to geo-attendance, leave, expense and order management, better and increase the overall efficiency of pharma products sales & service processes.

Easy Lead & Territory Management

Medical Representative (MR) and sales teams can be easily manage all leads; while management track, reporting status, also assign lead and define territory to all the field team and medical representative, thus it will be being time saving and increase efficiency.

Real time tracking & Route optimization

All the MR & field force team can be tracked in real time, thus offering clarity to the admin/management, regarding the position of all them.

While Optimized routes & map guidance are offered to the field force, such that all meeting & scheduled appointments/visits could be taken care and completed on time with minimum travel. 

Custom forms

Office LIV offers a solution to custom form; Field force team can fill-up custom forms on the go. No matter which type of form/data required, you can easily create unlimited tailor-made form and collects form/data accordingly in real-time and speed up the responses.

All-round Features

Office LIV is fully loaded with features such as highly sophisticated, unmatchable, reliable Field force real-time tracking, Attendance & leave management, Expense & Order Management to efficient admin management.

Return on Investment

  • Management can get a real-time view on the status of new prospects/leads, meeting, feedback and closer related information.
  • MR & field force team can sign in and start their day from wherever they are, and start working; No need to come to the office.
  • Reduces manual work for custom form fill-up, follow-up, reporting. etc
  • Improve productivity and efficiency of Medical Representative (MR) and sales professionals.

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