Benefits of Office LIV System to Manage your Business

Benefits of Office LIV System to Manage your Business
June 2021

Manage, Track and Collaborate with field team to improve productivity and efficiency to achieve end customer satisfaction

Now a day, Technology has progressed so much today. In most of industries Employees are stat working from home, or direct from the field and physical attendance is no longer required. With Office LIV app, visits and meeting details orders information, task & reports can be submitted online, and the app tracks productivity of employees as well.

Businesses such as Construction, Agriculture, Pharmacy, Delivery services, Field staff etc; require the employer to know the whereabouts of their employees for correct assignment of work. This is when a Office LIV comes into the picture.

Office LIV employee tracking apps have considerably reduced time wastage and Management can get the information they want with a one click. It also help organizations track their employee work performance better and offer a number of benefits:

  • Operate from mobile app with in Second
  • Web Based Admin Management Center
  • Attendance and Leave management
  • Real time location, route & history
  • Real time information of Visit, Meetings & task
  • Customizable Business Forms
  • Data Collection, Order Booking and Payment Collection
  • Expense Claims & Management
  • Reports & Analysis

Office LIV management for almost all Business

Office LIV management is a one-stop solution for you to digitally transform your field team. Office LIV can be tailored for large enterprises and small/medium-sized businesses- which enable to perform the operations seamlessly & following benefits:

  • Save your attendance issues every month
  • Complete leave management including holidays and working days/hours
  • Real time information of, location, visits, meetings, & orders
  • Real-time Visual Updates from remote sites or routes
  • Help you monitor employees’ expense management
  • Allows Field team to submit expense reports.
  • Dynamic Business Forms as per your requirements.
  • Promotes more transparency within your organization
  • For Agro industry Crop Problems can be analyzed using pictures and tasks pushed to field man
  • Exchange privileged insight and data
  • Reports & Measure productivity

RoI (Return on Investment)

  • Management can get a real-time view on the status of tasks, visits, meeting, and orders.
  • Field staff can sign in from wherever they are; No need to come to the office.
  • Reduces manual work for number of trips/visit/meetings that need to arrange cold call, follow-up, etc
  • Improve productivity and efficiency.

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